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Upcycling: How 'trash' food became a climate movement
30th March 2023 • The Natural List • Jessica Rubino and Adrienne Smith
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In this episode, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the expansion and marketing of the age-old practice now known as "upcycling"—and how it’s motivating brands and consumers to take climate into their own hands (and mouths).

We open our conversation with a definition of upcycling, look at SPINS data reflecting this growing trend and examine consumer research on the movement’s reach and importance. The hosts are then joined by Upcycled Food Association Board President and Renewal Mill Co-Founder and COO Caroline Cotto and Regrained Co-founder and Chief Grain Officer Daniel Kurzrock, to discuss developing an upcycling lexicon and supply chain, the challenges of scaling upcycled products and what exciting innovations are on the upcycling horizon.   

Brands featured in this episode’s segment of The List: 

Renewal Mill, Regrained, Ugly’s Kettle Chips, Spare Tonic, Cajú Love, UNLIMEAT, and the winners of the Upcycled Food Challenge Event (led by Misfits Market): Atoria’s Family Bakery, Chomps and Petit Pot.




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