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The 4th Dimension | Guest: Don B. | Topic: Rehab, Revolving Doors & EVIL Resistance!
Episode 193rd March 2023 • The 4th Dimension with Toby C • Imperial Recovery Media
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Good examples bad examples… Knick knack paddy whack, give that dog a drink! Life for Don B. was drowning in an intoxicating ether where confusion abounds, and ambivalence prevails. It seemed his desperate struggles to get better were always met with the punishment of Satan’s heavy hand. Come test the waters of recovery with Toby C. while Don travels back in time through the valley of death where his path was littered with the wreckage of self. But wait! Maybe Ol’ Scratch had finally met his match!  As he kept drowning in the drink, Don desperately grasped the surface for something to grab ahold of. Maybe what seemed like a flimsy reed at the time turned out to be the loving had of God?