Data, Patterns, and the Value of Information with Kevin Pogany
Episode 8910th August 2023 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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A distaste for the repetitive is a powerful motivation. Something Kevin Pogany discovered as a teenager writing code for his father’s pharmacy to automate their processes. An early experience that catalyzed a nearly thirty-year career across nine industries pushing for data-driven innovation. Most recently, he has found himself as a Chief Technology Officer within the aerial imagery industry encouraging transformation in this critical juncture of machine learning, robotics, and proprietary data assets. 

In this episode, Kevin provides insight into balancing innovative, aspirational thought with structured, realistic innovation. He shares how value is almost always situated with change and how to position an organization to provide value within and across industries with data. Kevin discusses his professional journey and how vision and experience create immeasurable potential. 

  • (01:31) – Introducing the aerial imagery industry
  • (10:39) – Innovative thought and structured innovation
  • (12:14) – Kevin’s journey
  • (16:23) – Examining motivation
  • (22:42) – Discovering the worth of data
  • (24:27) – Data flywheel effect
  • (27:37) – Moving from assumptions to facts
  • (30:51) – Crafting a data-driven approach
  • (37:46) – Putting a moat around your content
  • (43:30) – Recognizing patterns

Kevin Pogany is an experienced technology executive, currently serving in his ninth industry as the CTO of Commercial Group & Data Platform in a leading aerial imagery company. Kevin has emerged as a thought leader in the realm of technology and product development who specializes in leveraging unique or proprietary data assets. He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

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