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HOT SEAT ASK: How can I reposition my practice from insurance to financial planning?
Episode 28th December 2020 • Maximum Advisor • Chip Munn
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Listeners of the Maximum Advisor podcast know that there’s no better place to learn how to grow a financial advisor practice than right here. In this episode, we have an advisor in the Hot Seat, a special new series on Maximum Advisor that guarantees to take on some of the most challenging problems from financial advisors— and delivers powerful solutions from host Chip Munn. Listen in as Chip provides his tried and true methods for taking a financial advisor business to new heights and how you can do the same with yours. 

A Certified Financial Planner™ takes the Hot Seat and presents Chip with a challenge: How can he modernize his practice from its insurance-business roots and clientele into a flourishing fee-based financial advisor practice?