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The BCLionsDen Pawdcast - Brian Wawryshyn EPISODE 144, 8th November 2019
Episode 144: Farhan Lalji (TSN)
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Episode 144: Farhan Lalji (TSN)

Episode 144

DeVone Claybrooks was the first casualty of a 5-13 season on Wednesday, as the Lions announced he had been relieved of his duties.

Was he a scapegoat or were there solid reasons for the decision not to bring him back? Ed Hervey hinted there may be, while many fans were not happy with the news.

Farhan Lalji was at the Ed Hervey press conference and stops in to offer his thoughts, and after listening to him, you may feel the answer to the above questions lies a little more in the middle than you thought.

We also take a look at what lies ahead for the Lions as another off-season of uncertanty begins, with potential new ownership, many areas to address with a new coaching staff again, and the roster needs.

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