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#231 Stephanie Van Deynze-Snell, DVM - The Upward Spiral
Episode 23121st April 2024 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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On this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Stephanie Van Deynze-Snell she is veterinarian business owner and High Flow Coach & Consultant. She talks about #business, #wellness, #flowstate, #leadership, and #teamculture. Her experience in the trenches and through growth and leadership as an owner make this a fun conversation to get into. We discuss the following:

  • An overview of her personal and professional story how she got to where she is today?
  • What’s high flow coaching and why is it important and not some RAH RAH thing.
  • How can veterinarians be at peak performance?
  • What is active recovery and why it matters.
  • While not the most exciting item within a business - why are Handbook & Training Programs the building blocks to make things happen?
  • Flexibility in life is key - she has seen that be a bigger item in vet med - how her team has embraced that?
  • A deeper dive into culture and the workplace - and understanding the humans you work alongside and how the outside world will always come into the clinic.
  • How as a leader she has gotten real feedback from the team to improve? What’s worked vs. not worked.
  • What haven’t I asked about that is on your heart or mind?
  • Her question for me.

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