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Don’t Jump to the Media First in Remote Communication
Episode 1184th May 2022 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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Communication is a natural part of everyday life, and yet most people don’t consider how they communicate.

Whether it’s internal team communication or communication with customers and clients, it’s easy for mixed messages and confusion to crop up.

The solution? Build a communication strategy. That’s Jesse Lahey’s, Co-founder and Strategic Partner at Workforce Communication, secret for communication success. Jesse joins The Visual Lounge to break down his strategies and frameworks for communicating more effectively – without relying so much on media to paint a picture.

Jesse is also a consultant speaker and author with over 25 years of experience in leadership and workforce communication. Previously, he was an HR communication leader at a Fortune 500 manufacturer with nearly 20,000 employees worldwide. Since 2012, he’s also hosted the Engaging Leader podcast, which has been downloaded millions of times by leaders around the world.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 0:00 – 3:38 Intro
  • 3:38 – 5:10 How the pandemic affected Workforce Communication
  • 5:11 – 8:44 How people can get better at communicating remotely
  • 8:44 – 15:07 How to create a solid communication strategy with the 5Ms framework
  • 15:07 – 19:34 The best practices for smaller-scale communication
  • 19:35 – 26:55 How to execute your communication strategy with the SVS model
  • 26:55 – 31:36 What TechSmith’s Video Viewer Study says about viewer preferences
  • 31:37 – 35:30 Why keeping communication shorter isn’t always easy
  • 35:30 – 41:13 The three aspects of visual communication to keep in mind
  • 41:14 – 44:28 The most important components of a story
  • 44:28 – 46:16 When not to use story
  • 46:17 – 47:47 Where to find communication resources to learn more
  • 47:48 – 49:03 Jesse’s takeaway tip on communication
  • 49:03 – 51:12 Outro

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