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Bonus: NYC Babes Found Family Vaca Recap
Episode 2Bonus Episode19th December 2023 • Family Twist • Corey and Kendall Stulce
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NOTE: Listen to the episode A Found Family Christmas Vacation before you enjoy this one. Today's special bonus episode takes you on a whirlwind adventure through New York City with me, Corey, and an extraordinary group of NICU nurses from Arkansas. As we wrap up our trip, we reminisce about the unforgettable experiences, laughter, and lessons learned in the city that never sleeps. If you've ever wondered what it's like to explore NYC with a lively and fun-loving crew, you're in for a treat!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Navigating New York City: From subway escapades to Uber adventures, we share the highs and lows of getting around the Big Apple.
  2. Unique Experiences: The episode recounts our visit to the Museum of Sex, complete with its quirky exhibits and interactive installations, offering a humorous and eye-opening perspective.
  3. Cultural Highlights: We delve into our experiences attending a Broadway show, visiting the 9/11 Memorial, and witnessing the beauty of the Statue of Liberty, each moment filled with emotion and reflection.
  4. Moments of Joy: From tea parties to ice skating in Central Park, the episode captures the joy and camaraderie of our group in the heart of NYC.
  5. Encounters with New Yorkers: We discuss the hustle and vibrant energy of New York City, from the friendly locals to the not-so-friendly moments, painting a vivid picture of city life.
  6. Reflections on Our Trip: As we conclude our journey, we share personal reflections on what made this trip special, from the sights and sounds of the city to the bonds we strengthened along the way.

As this episode comes to a close, we leave New York City with hearts full of memories and a renewed appreciation for the power of friendship and adventure. This trip was more than just a vacation; it was a testament to the joy of exploration and the beauty of shared experiences. If you loved joining us on this journey, don't forget to rate, follow, and review Family Twist. Your support helps us continue bringing these heartwarming stories to life.



when we signed off on Monday, we just had our first full day in New York City. Now it's Thursday night, our final few moments of consciousness before we have to leave the city. And how are we feeling?

Tired. Tired more than. But, but fine. Yeah. We were kickin New York City's butt, and then tonight it kicked our ass. It started on Wednesday night, when we couldn't find the train. And then we had an Uber from hell.

Yeah. Yes. That even frightened me, who is very difficult to frighten.

And then tonight we couldn't get an Uber in the city because Or a Lyft. Because there was so much traffic. Or a car, or anything. That was crazy.

New Yorkers are cranky. I got yelled at a few times today. We all got yelled at. You got the time out today. You got called out for calling me. I was jaywalking. She was jaywalking. And the police officer. I remember that. Huh? I used to think jaywalking was walking naked.


Well, some of them like set off an alarm when you hit it too. Oh, really? Yeah. We must have just gotten lucky. Yeah. But they were all demons. All the locals.

Tuesday was the fabulous tea party. Oh, the tea party. That's right. With our new friends, Grayson and Alex.

ladies out there, if you come to, the city, you've got to do the tea party.

Tea party around town. Well, you do it if you can make it fun yourself. Cause it might not be exactly what you're expecting, but we just quickly It was fun. It was fun, yeah. But we're a fun group. We're a fun group, we made it fun. We made it fun for everyone. I mean, it's a little pricey for what you get, I think.


And then they give you some, fancy little desserts from Costco. Some egg sandwiches that they might probably make on the bus. And then they serenade you the whole time. They do serenade you the whole time. And the more champagne you have, the better it sounds.

We had one bottomless glass each.

What about everybody hustling? I feel like everybody has 14 jobs and no one sleeps in this town. Oh my goodness. Exactly. They have to to be able to work. They're so tired. Everyone's so tired. I mean, I know we're tired. That's probably why they're cranky and so grumpy. Because they're working their butts off.

just be yourself, and smile, and you'll be fine. Yes. And you might even get a marriage proposal. Or two. Or two, yes. Or a couple. Or you might get threatened with a machete.

Oh, goodness. [:

Yes, what was the special exhibit that was because that was what they were highlighting the poster. It was like Wasn't it a robot? Carnival of Desires or something weird because it was like a carnival theme. Yeah, that was the theme of all the things was So it was like an arcade, arcade for 18 plus For adults.

sculpture of the giant booty [:

Yes. Oh, and then the bathroom stalls? Oh yeah, there was a glory hole game. That was awesome! It was like, it was like, And we have a winner at the table. Whackables, or you know, with. It was whack a moles, but grab a wiener, and Allison won! She even beat me!

She made us all proud! But you know, with that first round, the first round, Because I think, I was reading the instructions on the wall, which, you should never follow instructions on a, on a stall wall. But, I feel like it said, grab and hold. And so, the first time it started, like, one came out and another one came out, I was just holding on to it, like, And I thought, I thought they were gonna try to pull them back, and I'm like, oh no, you gotta, I think you have to, Yank it, until it like, catches, then it goes back in.

Yeah. [:

He wants to change up sex. That's right. I did win. Of all of this. That's right. I do have my crown, yes. This was actually probably one of the cooler things because you guys remember like going to those carnivals or places you go where you play the little it's like the ping pong ball size heavy balls that you're shooting up.

they had like all these sex [:

Yes. All four dimensions. Again, traumatized. Three out of five are out. They created a ride that was supposed to be an interpretation of attending an orgy. It was very weird. We went in someone's butthole. Oh yeah. We went in someone's butthole. We did. I know. I feel like we should have been on mushrooms, or Oh yeah, definitely.

ot out at us and we're like, [:

I didn't feel bad. I had to like, oh, and then there was like things in your seat that were like pushing on your booty too. Oh yeah. It was like vibration. Like a boot massage. Yeah. We were getting a button massage. All I know is it went in someone's butthole. That's where I drew the line. Yeah. It was, yeah, it was a Disney ride turned into, like, a sex experiment.

Yeah. Like an orgy. Yeah, it was. It was an orange. Yeah. It was weird. Like, it was a quirk orange. That old movie. Yeah. The visuals were very trippy. It was. And that's what it reminded me of. Twisted bodies and weird wieners and Lots of weird wieners. Yes. You know what? That could be some of our memoirs. Lots of, yeah, lots of weird wieners.

Weird wieners.

t. The Statue of Liberty was [:

We saw Yeah. Santa? We saw Santa? And we ice skated! Some of us ice skated. And we didn't die. No, we actually all stayed, well, almost all of us stayed in our feet. I would have stayed on my feet if this lady wasn't blocking the exit and I was having to go around her. Yes, and I made sure y'all weren't watching.

I had to go around two people in the first one. I thought I was going down. I thought I was going down because it was I would have gone down.

I was talking to myself. I said, bend your knees, don't fall back. Bend your knees, don't fall back. And they were just laughing. Now, y'all have the best seats in the house. I mean, you're just watching everyone.

know like when I went around [:

And you were in your blues. Oh yes. We need to talk about those outfits. I was in my blue suit. Best dressed VIP of the week. Absolutely. The entire week. And didn't someone ask you today, well is it your birthday? Yes. At the top of the rock. I should have said yes. Where's my prize? Was that at the top of the rock?

Or was it on the subway? No, it was top of the rock. I'm like, oh no. He's fabulous. He's gorgeous every day. Every day. Somebody called. I said, oh, you're shining. Mmhmm. That's why I look like a walking Christmas ball.

We loved it. Loved it. Loved it. I always felt underdressed though. Not in a bad way. Not in a bad way. Just now you know what you have to prepare for. That's right. I gotta step up my game. We all have to step up our game. Sorry, but I still gotta wear my tennis shoes. I was wearing tennis shoes for most of it.

Oh no, not outdressing, but [:

If you look at the photos of the tea party, like, we were clearly coordinated. We were. We were the pink leggings of the tea party. Yes. Well that's how they knew I was with y'all at the sex museum. Because I was late coming. Yes. And they were like, Oh, are you with your group? Are you supposed to be with your group?

e were people in blue jeans. [:

I think I'd probably wear, yeah, probably crop tops. Now. Can we talk about how narrow those seats were, though? Oh! They were not curvy girl friendly. That was not curvy girl friendly for any of us. Uh uh. You get to know your, your neighbors really quickly. Yeah. I mean, hope to God they wore deodorant. Yes. At least mine was you and Stephanie.

Yeah. A person beside me never clapped. Never. Looked at me. Never did anything. He just looked straight ahead. The entire time. I wonder if he liked it. Huh. I startled the girls in front of us at the beginning though. Yes, I saw them jump. It was when the girls, when the singers came out. And you know, they come out all like, and then they're like.

Cause, you know, we've watched it so many times now on YouTube and stuff. And I was like, WOOOOO! And then I went Oh yeah, like they didn't know what to expect.

we had amazing [:

We made it happen. How'd y'all decide this, that you guys were gonna do New York City? I, I thought Stephanie, I've talked about it for years. Stephanie asked me, she's like, do you want to go to New York City? And I was like, yeah, I, I've always wanted to go if I can get off work Christmas time. Yeah. And I put in for vacation requests and I got all three of my days approved and it was just meant to be.

I mean, I almost don't even want to say that, like, this is the perfect time to go, because then that might just encourage more people to go. But, like, like, two weeks before Christmas is, like, the perfect time to go, because There's no more magical place than New York City. At Christmas. Not as many people here.

d to ride the subway. And we [:

New York City's been a dream. Like, it's everything that I thought it would be. Like, I haven't been disappointed in anything. Except tonight not being able to get an Uber, but that's just New York City. Um, but overall, it's been amazing. Okay, so, first thing that comes to your mind.

Favorite moment. You know, I don't think we'll all right. That's okay. Well, something popped into your head, right? I'll go.

and listened and it was just [:

And I thought that was really beautiful and to me that will be probably. One of my favorite memories. Yeah. Yeah. That was beautiful. That was definitely the sex museum. Was it really? The wager wall. The wager wall. I think the 9 11 memorial was incredible. You know, I think that's the one thing that majority of adults can remember in their lifetime.

Something that happened on American soil and just to go through there and to remember Seeing all that on the news footage and seeing that in real time, and I mean, I remember everyone remembers where they were that day. Yeah, I mean, I was at work. I had just graduated nursing school and I think it was my first week off orientation by myself.

xactly what was going on and [:

And it wasn't until she finally Was walking somewhere, but someone went you have blood on you and her shoes were stained of her blood and they're on display with her blood. Yeah, it was just, I mean, it was so sad to see all these people, but I thought they had done such a great job of moralizing that,

museum. [:

I was like, I gots to go y'all. And that I wasn't necessarily expecting PJ to join me, but then we had our own adventure! We became BFFs in that moment. We hardcore bonded and just, yeah, went off and did our own little thing. That was amazing. He was my emotional support person. Do not pet. Do not pet. Do not pet.

I like to be a big kid and knew, I was excited that we were going to see Santa and Macy's

we got to go into our own little private room with Santa.

Kudos to Macy's, they did a [:

No one was ugly or hussin or Yeah. I mean, kids are wild because kids are kids. Yeah. But the kids like they weren't outta control. Weren't even bad. No. There was like maybe one or two that were crying a little bit, but that like they were like, you know, kindergartners there with their whole class and just waiting and singing and.

if you need a little dose of Christmas spirit, go jump in line to go see Santa and Macy's because, wow.

We saw a lot, y'all. We saw a lot in BJ kept us on track. I was just about to say, I told one of my friends, she was like, wow, you guys have a lot planned.

And, she was everything that [:

She's absolutely breathtaking and amazing and I was so lucky to get to spend it with you guys. No, it was fabulous. just what she represents. For us. I love it, and I love that she's, she's a she. That's right. And it's the America that we want. It's the America that we want. She represents the America that the history, it's the Herstory!

I love you guys, and thank you for making this trip so great. And since Kendall couldn't be here, We got our quarry and, um, it just couldn't have been better. I've loved it. This has been an amazing time. I hope it's not our last.

It won't be. No way. Thank you for letting me come. Oh yeah. Thanks for inviting me. Lifetime members here. I feel like this should be like a yearly little trip.