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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 8, 16th July 2020
Recording Etiquette
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Recording Etiquette

How can we ensure consistent and optimal sound quality in every one of our episodes? On this PodOn episode, we chat about the recording etiquette every podcaster should follow before they sit down and start rolling. If you’ve ever struggled with audio during post, or have had to throw away some of your best pods because of poor audio, this episode will cover several key points you can cover before hitting record. Listen now to learn all about the industry’s handy tools and spot the best recording environment — so you don’t have to do an episode in a restaurant with a handheld recorder.

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(00:56) - Starting right with what you have - “I think first and foremost, is understanding the type of equipment that you have and what you have access to.”

(02:29) - Recording from a closet and evaluating environments - “Microphones can only do so much, it’s more about the environment that you are recording in.” 

(03:25) - Achieving the right energy will do wonders for your show - “Really, just don’t go in cold.”

(05:39) - Remote recording and anticipating technical difficulties - “Try to do a test run before if you can, it doesn’t have to take more than five or ten minutes.”

(08:16) - Why re-recording isn’t a podcasting taboo - “Don’t put anything out there that you’re not happy with.” 

(10:22) - Always double check! - “It’s not live, remember you do have the magic of editing on your side.”

PodOn is hosted by TJ Bonaventura and Julian Lewis, founders of the full-service podcast company based in San Francisco, StudioPod. If you want more details on how to fully record and produce your podcast with our services, you can reach us at http://studiopodsf.com, send us an email at info@studiopodsf.com or contact us through our social media channels as @studiopodsf. Music by GaryOAKland.