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Radical Honesty
Episode 9420th June 2021 • Thrive Beyond Pornography (Formerly The Self Mastery Podcast) • Zach Spafford
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Radical honesty. 

Not lying to self about what pornography does for you

-       I don’t want to feel frustrated the rest of the day – this is where it starts

-       Now’s a good time, 

-       After I turn to pornography I won’t feel frustrated

-       Turning to pornography will help me forget


Being aware that your brain is trying to help you feel good now, not feel good about yourself. Or in the future – your brain is always in the moment

Being upfront about your pornography use. 

-       Plan ahead, 

-       Confess ahead

-       Stop acting like we don’t know the pattern

-       Owning the decision

o   Don’t want to believe the things that you would believe about yourself if you were actively, consciously choosing it, rather than being caught off guard or a victim, or addicted,