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006: Mark Silver - Enlightening Entrepreneurs To Approach Money with Heart, Spirituality and Compassionate Patience
Episode 66th May 2022 • Mindful Money • Jonathan DeYoe
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Mark Silver has been helping entrepreneurs create authentic marketing programs that feel good to them for over two decades. After being introduced to Sufi-based healing work, Mark launched The Heart of Business and has been helping good people create sustainable businesses ever since. Today, Mark shares lessons on understanding our relationship with money, embracing ethical business practices and empowering a spiritually-oriented, heart-centered approach to money and business.

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Key Takeaways

00:51 – Jonathan opens the show with some appreciation for recent listener reviews

01:29 – Mark Silver shares how an early business lesson led to a journey of activism

07:18 – Defining ‘The Heart of Business’

09:19 – Embracing sound, ethical business practices and building the business you want to build

14:45 – Leaning in and finding the love in an often cruel financial world

18:08 – Our relationship with money

20:43 – Empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their futures

28:19 – Mark reflects on a meaningful success story from his work

32:16 – The last thing Mark changed his mind about

34:08 – One thing that Mark wishes people knew about his

34:55 – Jonathan thanks Mark for joining the show and lets listeners know where to connect with him

Tweetable Quotes

“The ‘Heart of Business’ is, in Sufi spiritual terms, everything is an expression of the divine, of oneness, of the source of love. Everything comes from love and everything returns to love. The heart is where the locus of connection is. The heart - from a Sufi point of view of course - is how we connect to the oneness and the infinite.” (07:31)

“Business has done terrible things. And what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to do business from the heart, with integrity and still be successful. You still want to provide for yourself. You still need to make money, and pay the mortgage, and have a retirement, and all of those things. But you can do that without following in the footsteps of morally and ethically bankrupt business practices.” (10:49)

“Actions arise out of relationships. If you have an unhealthy relationship, you’ll be making unhealthy decisions and taking unhealthy actions. But if you have a healthier relationship, then you can make healthier decisions and you can take healthier actions that will move you in a direction that you want to go in.” (17:51)

“So many of our clients carry these kinds of things. Whether it’s chronic illness, or trauma, or single moms or queer community or trans. There’s a lot of folks who just have pieces of their life that are not often represented or accounted for in mainstream culture. And being an entrepreneur is a wonderful way to kind of forge your own path when work situations are not very equitable.” (26:07)

“It’s so beautiful because people feel so empowered when they do embrace their sovereignty and they do realize they can make the business exactly how they want. And they can make these decisions from love and care, without leaving themselves out of the equation. And they can do things with integrity. I feel so humbled witnessing that happen over .” (27:54)

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