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Behind The Mic: Advice From 3 Of Our Fav Podcasters Over 50 Episodes In! Blair Kaplan, Jenny Ryce & Diane Rolston
Episode 15515th June 2022 • Amplifyou • Michelle Abraham
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We’re excited to bring you an inspiration panel, the 3 of our favorite podcasters over 50 episodes in! We got Diane Rolston, Jenny Ryce and Blair Kaplan. Amplifyou helped them launch their podcast, bringing out their unique genius into the world. Three of these ladies have podcasts that are in the top 5% of all podcasts. If you've been thinking about starting a podcast, and it's been on your mind, pay attention to these ladies as they share their great success with their shows.

Don’t miss:

  • Getting to know Diane, Jenny & Blair.
  • How starting a podcast has changed and impacted their business and their lives.
  • A goal is a dream with a deadline.
  • You should have a podcast in order to be seen as that expert.
  • No one is you - It's time to share your voice because your people are looking for you.

About Our Guests

Dian Rolston

Diane believes we are not defined by our titles or our roles. Instead, we are more powerful and happy when we can be who we are.  This brought out her book Dynamic You, based on a successful program, where she reveals the secret code to confident, wealthy, and successful women and leads women to unleash the Dynamic Woman in them!

The Dynamic Women Podcast is an Award-Winning action-focused lifestyle and leadership podcast full of stories and strategies to help women design their success and unleash their “Dynamic Woman”. You can learn from the experts how to get clarity, build confidence, and get into action on your biggest goals and dreams.

Blair Kaplan

Blair Kaplan Venables is an expert in social media marketing and the president of Blair Kaplan Communications, a British Columbia-based PR agency. She brings fifteen years of experience to her clients which include global wellness, entertainment and lifestyle brands. As a pioneer in the industry, she has helped her customers grow their followers into the tens of thousands in just one month, win integrative marketing awards, launch their businesses and more. 

Yahoo! listed Blair as a top ten social media expert to watch in 2021. She has spoken on national stages and her expertise has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, CBC Radio, Entrepreneur and Thrive Global. Blair is also the #1 bestselling author of Pulsing Through My Veins: Raw and Real Stories from an Entrepreneur and co-host of the Dissecting Success podcast.

Jenny Ryce

Jenny Ryce is a Mindset and Accredited Executive Coach, speaker, podcast host and the President of Your Holistic Earth, a global community advocating holistic wellness, connection and professional collaboration. Jenny is passionate about connecting others to the power of mindset and wellness. 

When she is not pursuing her professional passions, Jenny can be found spending time in nature, getting grounded and finding inspiration. Jenny is the proud mother to two amazing daughters and the wife of a military veteran. You will often hear her say that they fuel her passion.

About About the Host:

Michelle Abraham - Podcast Producer, Host and International Speaker.

Michelle was speaking on stages about podcasting before most people knew what they were, she started a Vancouver based Podcasting Group in 2012 and has learned the ins and outs of the industry. Michelle helped create and launched over 30 Podcasts in 2018 and has gone on to launch over 200 shows in the last few years, She wants to launch YOURS in 2022!

14 years as an Entrepreneur and 8 years as a Mom has led her to a lifestyle shift, spending more time with family while running location independent online digital marketing business for the last 9 years. Michelle and her family have been living completely off the grid lakeside boat access for the last 4 years!

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Amplifyou Intro/Outro:

This is Amplifyou the podcast about you discovering your message and broadcasting to the world. If you're a coach, author or speaker, you'll want to tune in. If you're looking for the best return on your time investment to get your message out to the world in a bigger way. We're giving you full access behind the scenes look of how we're running our podcasts, how our clients have found success, and what you can do to launch your podcasts today. The world needs your message. I'm Michelle Abraham, the host join my family as we unleash your unique genius and find the connections you need to launch your venture today. Join us and let's get amplified.

Michelle Abraham:

Right We next up we have a inspirational panel, you guys. I'm bringing up Jenny Ryce, Diane Rolston, Blair Kaplan, are awesome. You guys. I'm really excited about our inspiration panel that we're coming up right now because these three ladies, we've helped launch their podcasts at amplify you. And they've all had some great success with their shows. And I just wanted to bring them on in share with them. Alright, ladies, well, what we're gonna do on this panel, is we're gonna allow you guys to go ahead and just introduce yourselves who you are, what you're up to what your podcast is all about. And guys, listen up to these ladies. They've been podcasting for a little while now. And many of them are over 100 episodes already kicking ass doing great things and connecting it all back to their businesses too. So if you've been thinking about starting a podcast, it's been on your mind. Pay attention to these ladies because they're doing all the things right. All right, Blair we'll kick it off with you want to start us off?

Blair Kaplan:

Yes. Hi, I am Blair Kaplan Venables. I'm a social media expert and mentor and the founder of the global Resilience Project. I have two podcasts one I'm a co host to dissecting success. And that has been on for just over a year and a half, or about a year and a half. And radical resilience is my solo podcast.

Michelle Abraham:

soon thanks so much player players to podcast right how is it easy to manage to podcasts are a little bit trade crazy?

Blair Kaplan:

I wouldn't be able to do it without your team. I often get the Hey, did you upload the notes. So and I'm coming to you like I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. And I'm on a media tour right now for one of my books that I published. So I'm on the floor of a hotel in LA.

Michelle Abraham:

Awesome. I love it. Diane over to you want me to introduce yourself?

Diane Rolston:

Yeah, hello, everyone. I'm Diane Rolston. I've, I specialize in coaching female business leaders. I've had my business for over a decade as a coach, speaker, author and the CEO of the dynamic Women Global club. And so it just was fitting that I would have the dynamic women podcast. And we've just celebrated our three year anniversary. It's an action packed lifestyle and leadership podcast. So it's full of stories strategies, so that women can design the life that they want in the success and unleash their dynamic woman. So this is a show for business leaders, business owners, professionals, maybe women who are like the boss of the home and their kids, or they just want to jump into that next chapter. I alternate between solo episodes, guest interviews. And since I'm a coach, I often focus on helping my listeners get that clarity, building confidence, getting into action on some of their biggest goals and dreams. And then I have really great experts that come on and share their knowledge with my listeners. So I'm finally like, we have actually five awards now. So we're quite honored to have been given these different awards for the podcast and just three years.

Michelle Abraham:

Yes, awesome. And Diane most recently was taught number three of the top 50 moms in podcasting and podcasts magazine. So awesome. Congratulations on those awards. I just got to spend the last five days with her in Vegas mastermind, which is why James is not here today, because we decorative out was five days of a lot of a lot of learning and a lot of talking for him. So and Jenny, last but not least come on in and say hi,

Jenny Ryce:

hey, everyone. We have so many facets in our businesses that podcasting has turned into one of my passion projects, shall we say? The name of our podcast is winning with wellness. And I personally am a mindset strategist and the president of your holistic Earth and our podcasts really emulates everything that encompasses those two areas of business. So we're like we look for and support people that are in a place of seeking wellness or revitalizing their wellness journey or looking for new ways to be proactive in their health and wellness and overall fitness. So I've been podcasting for just over just actually just shy of a year. I think in a couple of weeks. It'll be a year, and it truly has been an incredible journey. Ernie and I look forward to if there's time, throughout this conversation to share a little bit about my experience and some tips and tricks I might have around being a podcast host if you guys haven't stepped in, because it's a game changer.

Michelle Abraham:

Absolutely, yes, totally huge changer. Thanks for sharing all about you guys. Ladies, I would love to circle back and let's just maybe share, you know, for those people in the audience, how many of you guys in the audience are thinking about starting a podcast? Say me in the, in the chat if you're thinking about starting a podcast, but haven't actually gone yet. And you guys, you'll hear a little bit more about my story later, but took me four years to launch my podcast. So I understand if some of those things that are creeping into your minds around fear. I totally get it because I can't help people, I can only help people now because I went through that too. So I'd love to hear from these ladies a little bit. They have some tips for you guys, if you're thinking about starting a podcast, and I'll go a little bit about how starting a podcast has maybe changed their business or their lives in or impacted in some way. So Diane, we'll start with you.

Diane Rolston:

Sure, well, it's funny, because Michelle and I have known each other for many years. And so I have the expert right beside me most of my life. So my I'm going to start with my tip and then tell you how it's changed my life in business. So the tip is towards don't wait, don't wait. I waited for a year. And it would have fit so nicely into my business to help me reach my other goals. But I didn't see it at the time, I was hesitant, I thought it maybe would take a lot of work. But it didn't, because Michelle just walked me through the process. But here, here are the benefits that I've found. It's one place to have my consistent voice that's very respected. Right. It's not just, I have Instagram videos or something. It's like a place where people can come and find me all the time. I also meet people, and they think highly of me, when I have a podcast, I'm like, I'm a podcaster. Like, wow, that's really cool. You get to have an intimate relationship with people one on one talking to them where many times on video and other platforms, we're speaking to the masses. So it's a little bit of a different vibe. I also leverage it for connections. So I get to reach out to people and invite them on the podcast. And it's kind of that door that open opening that I have. It's also easy to get onto other people's platforms by show swapping, because you have something to offer, you can be generous and giving and serving. Also being a podcaster, just like when I became a published author or speaker, you get to kind of join this special club of people with podcasts. And so it's really great for networking, I've met some incredible people. I actually had Blair on my Summit. So I get to have really amazing people to connect with. It's also how I create my content for the week. I'm more of a speaker. And so I love to speak my podcasts. It's also on video, and then I use it with my right across the board. It's all repurposed. And so knowing that I only have to do it once actually makes it a lot easier. I'm not doing a whole bunch of things in my business. I just do it once and use it many times. So don't wait. That's my tip.

Michelle Abraham:

I love it. Yeah, I wish I'd started my podcast a lot earlier, too. And you know, there's no better time to start. I love the saying, you know, if you're not embarrassed by your first few episodes, you waited too long to get them out there. Right. So back to our panel. All right, let's head on over to you. Let's hear what how podcasting has maybe had an impact in your business or your life.

Blair Kaplan:

Okay, so I literally came into the world blaring and I have the gift of the gab and I actually almost went to school to become a broadcast journalist, because I've always had this dream to be on radio, but my mother convinced me to not. And I always regretted it. And so I've always wanted to podcast and my job as a communications expert was to put people in the spotlight and I realized I had this wealth of information and knowledge. And I really teach the social media empowerment pillars for thought leadership. If you want to be in a place of authority in your industry, you want the media to come to you, the clients to come to you the money to come to you. You have to be a thought leader and you have to be an established voice. And what better way to do that then a podcast. So dissecting success, me and my friend Teresa, my other my co host. We started it because we were having just brilliant conversations about success. It was a passion project, obviously as a way to be more credible. But what I learned along the way was that business started coming to me. Other people who wanted to be guests have like higher clout and authority than what I could even imagine we're coming to me. And people were coming to us asking, Hey, do you do group coaching? Do you do coaching, we want to learn from you. So we created a program called momentum, which is a high level group coaching program, and then radical so like, basically, I made money from it, and I was just doing it because I like talking and I thought hey, people probably want to listen to what we're talking about. And then radical resilience. The global Resilience Project is a place where people can share their stories and read stories of overcoming life's greatest challenges. It's a safe space for people to do that and having a podcast. To me, it was a natural step, I thought of this idea at the beginning of the pandemic. But life happened to me. And I just had to be careful with my capacity, because I want people to share stories of overcoming challenges. And not everyone likes to write their story, which is the original medium for the project is that people are comfortable talking. So I wanted to create a space where people can come and share their stories. And because I do this, I'm starting to get invited into more spaces to have conversations about resilience. And it's growing my authority in the space and I've become a professional thought leader in resilience. So it's just helping me get more visibility. It's helping the people come on my podcasts, get more visibility, and helping them become a thought leader. Yeah,

Michelle Abraham:

but you've had so much publicity with your podcasts in the last couple of years. It's been really cool to see your success with that. And like Diane also said to like, have you ever heard the word no thing? So when you asked would you like to be on my podcast doesn't happen very often, if ever? I don't think any of us have even heard that heard. I know right. So having a platform is such a great way to be able to offer you to be able to offer someone a platform to speak on. Jenny, let's hear from you.

Jenny Ryce:

Well, you know, I think I'm going to just really echo what has already been shared and just put my own personal experience and spin on it. If you guys haven't caught on yet piping, a podcast is essential. When it comes to all thing expansion in your business. So if I was going to share some advice about stepping in because there is the glory side of podcasting, but also to there's reality attached to it, it consistency is king, you want to make sure that you put time in your schedule, it takes a little more time, especially up front. So you get a routine and get used to how you schedule it in, get your guests once you have that all in flow, I highly recommend that you get a team, obviously we work with amplify you and have their they have our back and all of this. But just remember, you don't have to do it alone. You know, Blair was just saying she co hosts a podcast. So maybe you share, maybe you don't co host maybe you do 50% of the recording sort of the year and your partner does 50% Get creative and get excited. So the one thing again, I just really want to echo and anchor in that podcasting opens doors for you that would never been opened before. It gives us a platform for people to share in a different way than is normally shared. It For Me has provided me incredible opportunity to connect with people I've never met. And I love exactly that you heard that from the speaker before and these amazing podcasts, the host of shared, you get people promoting your podcast because they had such a great interview with you. They send it out to people you would never touched before. So your impact not only on your cause or purpose of why you're doing your your podcasts has incredible reach, but you expand your reach as an individual. One thing I want you not to lose sight of which can happen when you start surrounding yourself around podcast people is that this is our normal. So it seems like no big deal after a while to be on a podcast, don't lose sight of the importance and the impact that that is there because the average person is not on a podcast or owns a podcast. So I really encourage you to keep that at light. And just to touch on that takes approximately seven touch points to create and build trust with the relationship. When someone's either been on your podcasts or listened to your podcast, you have been intimately connected with that individual. And that breaks down those barriers and opens up that touch point you know raceways so much quicker. So that would be what I would share you guys If not now When step in you can always decide to change your mind and not do if it doesn't resonate with you. But trust me, you will fall in love. Michelle knows I fell into podcasting, literally.

Michelle Abraham:

When I had my two podcasts

Jenny Ryce:

and I'm literally in my pajamas going yeah, let's do it. So you never know where it's gonna lead you. Absolutely.

Michelle Abraham:

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, that is so fantastic. You guys, and also all three of these ladies, we can give them a huge high fives in the chat guys because all of them have podcasts that are in the top 5% of all podcasts out there. So that means out of 2.8 million podcasts. Every single one of them show their shows are in the top 5% or higher. So that's a huge accomplishment. And so congratulations ladies. So Jason's here in the chat so if you guys wanted to reach out and have a call with him, you're gonna get entered into anyone who books ecologies and today He's gonna get entered into a draw. But we're gonna do at the end of the day for Grand Prize, there's a microphone involved. There's tons of great stuff involved. I'm going to share more about it in a little while. But first, I want to go back to these ladies, and give them a one last chance to give you guys one last one last sentence of inspiration. Jenny, let's start with you. While you're here,

Jenny Ryce:

I would love to share with you my favorite quote from Napoleon Hill. A goal is a dream with a deadline. I just couldn't let that land A goal is a dream with a deadline. You interpret that how you need, I hope it inspires you into action. Thanks so much, Michelle, and everyone for having me.

Michelle Abraham:

Awesome. Thank you so much, Jenny. Alright, Blair over to you.

Blair Kaplan:

If you want to be a thought leader in your space, like the authority, the recognized expert, you're not going to do that if you don't have a podcast. That's not going to happen. So you have to have a podcast in order to be seen as that expert.

Michelle Abraham:

Awesome. Thanks for that's a great one. And, Diane, go ahead and finish this up.

Diane Rolston:

Yeah, if you've been hearing these ladies and everyone else today tell you how great podcasting is. And you hear this myth that it's too late to start and there's already lots of competition. There's lots of people in my industry and my space forwards no one is you. No one is you. No one has your experience, your skills, your talents, your viewpoint, your appearance, your style, so it's time to share your voice because your people are looking for you.

Michelle Abraham:

Absolutely. And our tagline to amplify use your uniqueness is your genius. And that really amplifies what Diane is just saying. There is no one else there that can pull it off with you. There might be a million podcasts about parenting out there, but no one's got your spin on it and your your people are out there waiting for you. So guys take a chance and get started. Um, also if you book a call with Jason today to what you're gonna do is get to come to our plying your podcast workshop, which traditionally we sell on this particular exam. And so today you're gonna get it for free if you book a call with Jason and have a chat with him about starting your podcast. Ladies, thank you so so much. It's been a pleasure and blessing to work with you all you are superstars. And I want to thank you so much for being with us here at Panda palooza.