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001 – About Us: We Discovered and Used Our Superpowers To Make a Difference – and How You Can Too!
Episode 110th December 2019 • Creating Responsible Companies Podcast • Destination Better
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In this episode, Barbra and Janet take you on a journey about their career twists and turns, what drives them and how they overcame odds to achieve success after skinning their knees along the way.

Topics Covered

We have walked in the shoes of the CSR professional, trailblazed, drove change, innovated, overcome objections, won awards, added value to the business, all while creating a career with purpose.

It wasn’t always easy! But that is why we are here now.

We have devoted ourselves to creating this podcast to make CSR easy for you. By listening to this episode, you can learn from our backgrounds so you can:

  • Foster relationships to get things done
  • Know when and how to ask for help
  • Identify opportunities to create change and take action
  • Inspire others with your vision and make a difference

Free Resource

As a gift to you, our listener, you can download our free “Discover Your Superpower” tool. Use this to help you identify qualities you are uniquely known for, skills you have developed and how you can use them to make a difference.