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353. ChatGPT & AI in the Legal Industry with Jordan Ostroff
Episode 35330th January 2023 • The Law Entrepreneur • Neil Tyra
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My guest on this episode is my good friend Jordan Ostroff. Jordan is an attorney down in Orlando, Florida. He is also the owner and creator of a legal marketing company called LegalEase. Today, I asked him on the show to specifically talk about a topic that I see come up over and over again on all the social media channels and in all the blogs that I pay attention to: the role and use of artificial intelligence in the legal marketplace, and how something called ChatGPT is taking off and is being touted as a game changer. I have to admit that I have for a number of different reasons, kind of stuck my head in the sand with respect to AI in the legal space, so I wanted to get somebody to school beyond the subject and there's nobody better than Jordan and so hopefully you'll be as enamored with the information as I was.

In this episode, Neil and Jordan discuss:

  • ChatGPT and AI in the legal marketplace. 
  • Doing things differently in your marketing. 
  • What ChatGPT can do and how it is learning as it is used. 
  • Delegating the 80% to AI. 


Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re truly standing out and doing things differently, AI is going to allow you to do marketing easier, more consistently, and cheaper than ever before. 
  • Writing is where we are seeing AI make more inroads. 
  • While an AI is not a person and won’t see things in the same way a person would, taking into account current events and in-the-moment changes, it can often point out things that seemed too simple or were overlooked by people. 
  • AI will allow you to create content more quickly, allowing you to have a baseline that can then be tweaked to your writing style, content, and ideas in a more timely fashion. 


"The more that you're spending time honing your craft, the less you're wasting time on random BS that fills up our week, instead replacing that with automation and delegation. It's going to be awesome to see how much more time people have to be better at their actual jobs, to move the ball forward, and to provide a better experience." —  Jordan Ostroff

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