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Interview with Jim Kennelly & Sam Ufret from Lotas Productions in NYC - Part 1
Episode 812nd June 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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I’m really excited to be speaking with these two guests - Jim Kennelly and Sam Ufret. Jim is one of the powerhouses behind Lotas Productions and has spent his career looking for the perfect voice for each project he’s been a part of. Sam is in the thick of everything over at Lotas. She has an amazing talent for the production end of things and both she and Jim are fighting every day for diversity in the voice over business.  This interview was a wonderful insight into the future of voice overs and I can’t wait to share it with you.

We discuss:

  • Jim and Sam’s positive spin on COVID and what it’s been able to do with their business
  • The technology that’s connected us through COVID
  • Voice overs have always been a work from home industry
  • COVID being a push for talent to create a home studio
  • The reasons people didn’t want to create a home studio before COVID
  • Jim and Sam’s favorite part of working at Lotas
  • The future of voice overs
  • How sound influenced Jim’s pursuit of voice overs
  • Sam’s first encounter with GarageBand
  • How Sam loved the idea of being in the war room of a news studio
  • How Jim started Lotas to connect with people around the world
  • The Origins of Lotas Productions
  • The emerging fields of voice overs
  • The most popular voices pre-COVID
  • Implementing diversity in their voiceovers 
  • The importance of seeing yourself in the media
  • Bringing forth the diversity of ideas
  • The cycles of sound
  • Audio branding as casting 101
  • The left brain/ right brain divide and how Lotus closes that gap
  • Using multiple voices within your audio branding
  • The growth of regional spots
  • The industries now using voice overs

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