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008: How to Move from Love, Not Fear
Episode 81st December 2020 • It Takes Two to Tango: Conversations that Move Us • Martina Meyer and Nat Couropmitree
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In Episode 8, Nat and Martina talk about what it means to move from love, not from fear as we navigate life in everyday situations, like when we're running late for an appointment, or when we're getting ready to perform on a dance floor or present in a meeting.

We address the following questions:

How do we even notice when we are about to move from fear or stress, so we can make a different choice?

What happens in our bodies and nervous system when we move from fear vs moving from love, and how can we use this information to “stay calm and tango on”, no matter what?

How do we stop a fear or stress response before it takes hold of us - and even reverse it, so we can move forward from love?

How can we create the conditions to feel calm and maybe even joyful during experiences that, up until now, habitually have caused us stress, fear or anxiety?

Visit It Takes Two to Tango to watch Martina demonstrate the Stress Melting exercises.