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Episode 123: Qantas' 90th birthday celebrations and John Travolta
Episode 12316th November 2010 • The Australia Desk • Southern Skies Media
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The boys are recording from inside the PCDU-mobile on a wet, cold and miserable day after attending the Qantas 90th birthday celebrations in Melbourne. They're recording with ATC Ben who notes that it took Qantas Ambassador John Travolta two goes to get into Melbourne in his Qantas painted 707.

  • A Qantas 767 returned to Perth after developing vibrations during cruise and the media scrum at the Melbourne event were pushing Alan Joyce about it.
  • Qantas' QF32 A380 is not being written off and will be repaired, despite the scale of the repairs that will be required.

The boys wrap up the episode playing their interview with Juan Serrano, John Travolta's chief pilot. They discuss his career, flying with John and keeping the 707 in the air.





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