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How to Neutralize Negotiation Head Trips and Win More Often
Episode 144th November 2021 • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner
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Negotiation Head Trips

Negotiation head trips can take you down a dark hole that can not only jeopardize your deals but also your future. If you’d like more control over the negotiation process, stay tuned for my next guest, he’s the author of Negotiating From the Inside Out with some fascinating tips for how to neutralize those nasty negotiation head trips and win more often.

What You’ll Discover About Negotiation Head Trips (highlights & transcript):

* The 3 types of negotiators [01:04]

* How to rate yourself as a negotiator [03:17]

* The different types of negotiation head trips [07:40]

* The “Your competition is cheaper” tactic [08:31]

* The “Flinch” tactic [09:17]

* The “Contract fait accompli” tactic [09:39]

* The “Escalation” tactic [10:28]

* The Karpman drama triangle of negotiation head trips [11:27]

* Effective tactics for neutralizing negotiation head trips [14:53]

* Most common and easiest negotiation mistakes [20:51]

* And MUCH more.

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Guest: Clint Babcock

With over 25 years of sales, leadership, and negotiation experience, Clint Babcock has worked with senior executives at companies in a wide range of industries to help them strategically build their sales forces.

A Sandler-certified trainer, he has helped hundreds of sales teams and thousands of salespeople to improve performance and retain margin. Babcock’s career background includes top performances in sales, negotiating, business development, operations, and training and development.

He has a degree in finance, and takes pride in keeping himself, his clients, and his students numbers focused.

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