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2023 - Best of the Year: Movies
21st March 2024 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year

2023 Movie of the Year

Our 2023 Movie of the Year bracket is here to pick the most filmic moments of 2023!

Movies are the books of watching things. A lot of people  don't want to watch a movie because, on some level, all movies are about the how we will never escape death and loss. Does that apply to this slate of films? Please allow me to laugh for one hundred years at that question.

But there is no time to laugh for 100 years—I would die before I ever finished. And it would interfere with all the great movies from 2023. A sleepy little movie called Barbie came out this year, and right alongside it released a big bomb, Oppenheimer. I'm just messin. Bomb not in the box-office sense, but rather the bomb at the center of the movie. We loved Anatomy of a Fall and Zone of Interest (both just a normal amount), but did we like them enough for either to win Movie of the Year? You'll have to/get to listen to find out!

They made 'em; you maybe watched 'em; we'll rank 'em.





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