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Chemo Zombie! An inside look at what chemotherapy is really like
Episode 403rd August 2021 • Man Up to Cancer • Man Up to Cancer
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I called today’s show Chemo Zombie, because that’s what it does to me. 

One day I’m myself, engaged with the world, enjoying life with Sarah, Sage, and Elsie, then I go for chemo, and I turn into a zombie. I’m disengaged, sick to the very core of my being, drowning in that toxic chemical soup. I’m non-verbal, slumped in the bed or on the couch, and when I do get up I’m stumbling around.

It’s like I’m here but I’m not here. 

And I want to talk about this because the affects of chemo, what it really looks like, is something we rarely if ever see in popular culture.

Also in this episode, I devote a segment to two of my heroes: Jayden Oakes and Jayne Vinson. Jayden was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago, at the age of 11. He died last month, after fighting his disease with such incredible bravery, and a fierce commitment to LIVING as well as he could, even while enduring treatment that left him sick, weak, and unable to do the things that his peers take for granted.

Jayne, his grandmother and primary caregiver, was a relentless advocate for Jayden. She did everything she possibly could to get him the best care in the world, and the best chance at saving his life. You have never seen a grandmother love a grandchild the way Jayne did over these past two years. 


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