The Short Score: $50K for JC Yeahquo and Buddy Hawkins
19th March 2024 • The Score from The Team Roping Journal • The Score Podcast from The Team Roping Journal
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JC Yeahquo and Buddy Hawkins copped the biggest check of the PRCA regular season, winning the 2024 RodeoHouston for $50,000 a man.

Yeahquo and Hawkins are a new team in 2024 and have both jumped to No. 1 in the world standings after taking home $54,375 a man in Houston. Yeahquo now has $65,674.40 won on the year, and Hawkins has $70,240.46 on the heel side.

Yeahquo and Hawkins join The Short Score to talk about the win and their new partnership.

Read about their win: JC Yeahquo and Buddy Hawkins Win Houston, Debut Partnership at No. 1


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