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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 55, 14th February 2021
Ethical Mosaic with Daniel B Levin
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Ethical Mosaic with Daniel B Levin

I stumbled across my next guest in a Facebook post and knew that I simply had to speak with him. We leapt at the opportunity and found ourselves in what I know wasthe most beautiful hour of that day.

Daniel Bruce Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a billion dollar business, to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He studied in a seminary five years and left one day before becoming a Rabbi and he has lived as a Monk in a monastery for 10 years. As Director of Business Development, he grew Hay House from $3 million a year in sales to $100 million a year in revenue.

Danny is a visionary and the author of the life changing fable - The Mosaic - his thinking is so profound that it became clear our missions aligned. He made me see that we are all part of the mosaic that is life - imperfect, imprecise yet fits together perfectly as one. I hope you enjoy meeting Danny and hearing how he changes the world.

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