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Going from Employee to Entrepreneur: On Profit Margins & Building a Brand from Scratch with Felice Langkamp of MyCashmere
Episode 819th April 2023 • The C Suite with Catherine • Catherine Smith Licari
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Felice Langkamp is the founder and director of My Cashmere, which she founded in February 2022 after spending five years with Tiffany and Co. in e-commerce client development and high jewelry. COVID-19 lockdown conditions inspired her business idea and her entrepreneurial spirit shifted into overdrive as she then set out to become a cashmere expert and create a supply chain to bring her brand to life. Her focus is on creating a sustainable start for her business to have a sustainable future. 

With a goal of bringing comfort and elegance to every woman’s wardrobe, Felice started her business in the midst of the pandemic. As a graduate of the GIA: Gemological Institute, she knows a thing or two about exquisite quality, the highest level of craftsmanship, and how to communicate all of the values of luxury to a potential target client base. 

She also focuses on sustainable fashion and believes in staying true to your visions and beliefs which can often be hard to do in the fashion industry. 

We also talk about:

  • Finance Definition: What are profit margins and how do they impact your small business? How can you improve them over time?
  • How important it is to network and form connections with other businesses in your industry.
  • Projecting sales goals when you have little data to go on
  • How she went about finding her manufacturing partners and vendors. 
  • Staying true to your beliefs and values and keeping your business vision at the forefront.
  • Advice for women who are interested in small business and entrepreneurship
Simple Finance Resources for Small Business Owners: