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[Author Spotlight Series] - Overcoming Medical Trauma With Robin Waite
15th May 2023 • The Power of Authority Spotlight • Michelle Prince
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Robin Waite is a professional musician who has played the principal flute in a symphony orchestra and has a private studio for flute students. A teacher who has taught in various school systems from pre-kindergarten to university level, she has also written and recorded her compositions and conducted bands and orchestras. Robin is the author of “Five Hundred Miles From Help And I Heard… “and has dedicated herself to helping others navigate the difficulties of medical trauma and the mental and spiritual strategies of healing after her traumatic illness and recovery.

In this episode…

At some point in your life, challenges are inevitable. So what can you learn from someone who almost died but overcame their struggles?

Robin Waite struggled with an intestinal illness that almost killed her but emerged victorious. She wrote a book about her journey to empower others. As she shares her process of becoming a published author, Robin believes everyone has a unique story that can professionally or personally impact people when written.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince welcomes Robin Waite, a professional musician, teacher, and author, to discuss her journey as a published author. Robin talks about the motivation behind her book “Five Hundred Miles From Help And I Heard…” and what it’s about, her illness journey and recovery, the connection between her musical background and her book, and why caregivers and nurses need to read it.