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S1:E5 The Pecora Files: Those Who Would Have Drained the Swamp
Episode 515th March 2021 • The New Untouchables • Real Progressives
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In this final episode of The New Untouchables: The Pecora Files, Steve, Eric, and Patrick introduce Chris Swecker, former Chief Deputy in the FBI Criminal Division during the George W. Bush administration and Paul Pelletier, former prosecutor in the Department of Justice under Obama. 

What we’ve learned so far through this series is that diabolical criminal geniuses will go to great lengths to erect mammoth felonious enterprises because they can. Why wouldn’t they? If they blow up the global economy, the Fed is there to save the day and they don’t get punished. How is that possible? Aren’t we supposed to be a nation of laws? Don’t we have the highest percentage of the prison population in the world? But if you blow up the lives of hundreds of millions to the tune of trillions and you have a guaranteed backstop by the Fed with no accountability, why wouldn’t you, right?  

You’ve got to be saying to yourself there is no way something like that could happen. But then think about it. You all know the system is rigged and corrupt, but you don’t know exactly how. Well, here’s your chance. Next up is our final episode of The New Untouchables featuring Chris Swecker of the FBI and Paul Pelletier from the DOJ, and of course, we have the one guy who not only proved he had the right stuff all along, but who could, with your help, be putting the bad guys on trial now. All roads lead to William K. Black. Hold onto your butts. What you’re about to hear will change everything!