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You Can’t Sleep Over at Dan Donohue’s
Episode 1910th October 2023 • Unsound Advice • Lara Beitz
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Something weird is in the air... a fly sneaks into the studio behind Dan Donohoe and we try to kill one of them. He and Lara offer the best excuses for missing out on work, how to know when you're following someone else’s dream, explain how the worst things in life can be the best thing for a comedian, and why ferrets are illegal in some states. We also learn a younger Dan failed to save his parents' marriage and Lara survived a panic attack on a plane. Dan says men can’t handle heightened emotions and Lara believes men mess with women’s emotions. Dan regrets the name of his podcast, "Danswers," and he dedicates this episode to the "filthy babies" out there.


  • 00:00 - Coming Up
  • 01:52 - Dan Donohoe!
  • 03:27 - The Fly
  • 06:00 - Men Suck at Emotions
  • 23:33 - Call 1: Save My Parents Marriage!
  • 32:05 - Call 2: Aspiring Comic Needs Excuses To Get Out of Work
  • 45:22 - Call 3: Want A Unique Pet
  • 49:40 - Thanks & Plugs





Comedian LARA BEITZ ("bites") hosts "UNSOUND ADVICE," the new series that offers you help from someone who's been a member of numerous 12-step programs for issues including substance abuse, relationship issues, finances, eating disorders and what she terms "family stuff." After putting in the work to turn her life around, her fellow comedians began seeking her advice. Now, she and her friends are opening up their circle to offer advice they have no business giving on how to tackle some of life's most daunting challenges and funniest conundrums.




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