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Ep 92: How to Build Your Nutrition Habit with Ryan Andrews
Episode 9226th September 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Are you overcomplicating the nuts and bolts of nutrition way more than you need to? Nutrition is quite simple when you nail down the strategies and models that work best for you and your body. That’s why I wanted to bring a good friend of mine, Ryan Andrews, on today to talk about strategies and tactics we can use to make changes to our nutrition behavior and habits. Ryan received his undergraduate degree in exercise science from the University of Northern Colorado. He also completed his training to become a Registered Dietician at Johns Hopkins Medicine, which then led him to his career with Precision Nutrition since 2007.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when dealing with changes in your nutrition: budgetary considerations, life/job considerations, food preferences, having a family to cook for, digestive issues, etc. Where we find people struggling is actually taking the daily actions to execute a nutrition plan. Here at Rebel, our athletes are very serious about their training and performance, and in most cases, a lot of them are undereating. There are so many strategies we can use to supplement getting in more food, making physique changes, and bettering our performance.

In the last chunk of the episode, we dive into Ryan’s new book Swole Planet Building a Better Body and a Better Earth. We break down how changing our diet can accomplish a lot in the world. We can improve ecological health and farmworker welfare. It can also decrease our chance of chronic disease and help us build muscle. Listen in to hear Ryan and I unpack what you need to do to build your nutrition habit to make sure you reach your physique and performance goals.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [05:47] Intro to Ryan Andrews
  • [12:30] Strategies and tactics to make nutrition habit and behavior change stick
  • [14:14] Starting with one small change to your diet instead of drastically changing your entire pantry and recipes
  • [16:57] One of the biggest obstacles that gets in the way of seeing change
  • [19:20] Taking advantage of using frozen veggies and precut fruits and veggies in your nutrition plan
  • [20:30] The time factor and its role in habit and behavior success
  • [23:15] Utilizing shakes to supplement getting in more food, making physique changes, and bettering your performance
  • [24:27] Restructuring our go-to, default meals
  • [32:33] Ryan’s new book Swole Planet Building a Better Body and a Better Earth
  • [37:50] The importance of healthy soil
  • [44:26] Where to find Ryan Andrews


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