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419. A Holistic Approach to the Body and Home with Kelly LeVeque
Episode 41920th April 2021 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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As females, our plates are full – with spiked-up hormones, food drama, mommy pressures, and family dynamics. No one understands this more than Kelly, and she encourages her clients to check in with their mental well-being as much as their shopping list. Her Body Love Journal is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on your relationship with food and celebrate life’s little treasures along the way. 

We love chatting with Kelly LeVeque – an OG guest and supporter of the podcast – and just marinating in her nutritional knowledge. Today she delivers the facts on clean water, salt intake, gluten, non-dairy milk – and how to deal with your partner’s penchant for pizza. 

Proper body nourishment goes beyond food. Kelly unpacks how she released the mental residue from a traumatic birth and how non-science-based healing modalities transformed her life and approach with clients. In short, you can gulp all the green juice you want but can’t truly fill your cup without releasing energy/trauma and pain that’s carried subconsciously in the body.  

We also talk about:

  • Our relationship with food
  • How to tackle mold damage in the home
  • High-quality water and hydration benefits 
  • Processing grief and trauma
  • Preparing the body for pregnancy and birth 
  • Embracing science and spirituality for self-care
  • Motherhood pressures
  • Aligning with your partner on wellness
  • Kelly’s Body Love Journal 
  • Gluten, non-dairy milk, and making healthy choices 

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