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Decoding Impact Investing: Adrian Grenier on Investing and Living Purposefully
Episode 3710th January 2023 • Decoding Digital • AppDirect
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Adrian Grenier wears several hats: conscious celebrity, actor, musician, director, and producer. But he’s also the Co-Founder and General Partner at DuContra Ventures, an impact fund that aims to create a yield beyond money. At DuContra, Adrian is focused on making meaningful, holistic investments that will help the Earth and the people living here.

In today’s episode, Adrian talks about why we should move away from the hopeless view that the world is ending. He also discusses how taking responsibility for our actions can lead to a life full of purpose.

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Empowering Humans to Build More Impactful Businesses

“The concept is that if we can empower human beings, individuals, and give them the tools and the ability, the health of wellness, so that they can make the best possible decisions. And then bring them together with other humans, communitas in collaboration, empower them with the tools of finance so that they can go out and build the world. They're going to make not only better choices, better businesses, better consumer products for us as consumers, but also for the world in the future.”

Why We Need Meaningful Connections Now More Than Ever

“I think certainly we're in a content craze and technology just made it more accessible and in many ways to a negative degree, being forced upon us with all the algorithms, getting inside of our heads. So I think now is an opportunity to try and solve for that. How do we give people more rich, meaningful experiences? How do we serve up content that actually empowers people and give them the tools to not just sit at home and watch Netflix?”