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Inside: Sales Enablement - Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert EPISODE 37, 11th May 2020
Ep37 Panel 5: Sales Academics – Predicting the Future of Sales Enablement
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Ep37 Panel 5: Sales Academics – Predicting the Future of Sales Enablement

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 37

Hello insider nation we're excited to bring you yet another star-studded panel. This time it's a dedicated panel of academics covering the Sales Enablement space from Universities such as Johns Hopkins, University of Texas - Dallas, and Northern Illinois.

For many, the COVID Crisis of 2020 was a wake up call. The guys leaned into the Insider Nation to discover and learn their thoughts in response to the global crisis. Make sure you listen to episodes 27-31.

We continue our groundbreaking research on the state of sales enablement research project this panel.

In this episode, our guest panelists include:

  • Dr. Robert Peterson, Editor Journal of Professional Selling and Professor of Sales at Northern Illinois University 
  • Dr. Joel Le bon, Johns Hopkins University Digital Business Development Initiative
  • Dr. Howard Dover, Director, Center for Professional Sales at University of Texas Dallas

To view the research method, visit https://www.OrchestrateSales.com/research/

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