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Concerns With Complementarianism: Where Does That Leave Us? | Theology Gals
26th March 2018 • Theology Gals • Coleen Sharp & Rachel Miller
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On this week's episode of Theology Gals, Coleen and Ashley discuss some topics which have come up following recently episodes. With some of the problems within complementarianism, should we still use the label? Is complementarianism just another form of patriarchy? The gals discuss these and other questions. Episode Resources: The Desire of a Woman: A Response to Susan Foh’s Interpretation by Rachel Miller Eternal Subordination of the Son with Rachel Miller Theology Gals Genesis 3:16 & Complementarianism with Wendy Alsup Theology Gals No, I'm not a Feminist or an Egalitarian by Rachel Miller Complementarianism Theology Gals podcast Check out Grace Alone Witness Apparel. You can use the code THEOLOGYGALS until the end of March, for a 25% discount. Episode Music from Castle Pines   Women can join our Facebook Group Theology Gals-Ladies Theology Discussion and Encouragement Follow us: On Facebook On Twitter @TheologyGals On Instagram theologygals Email us at If you'd like to ask Theology Gals a question which may be answered on a future episode, you can text or leave a voicemail at (951) 407-0234. You may also send an email. Consider supporting Theology Gals with just a few dollars a month




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