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Episode 5 God Centered Process Part 1 The Gold
Episode 521st April 2023 • GOD CENTERED CONCEPT • TS Wright
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Episode 5 God Centered Process

Revelation 3:14-22

This will be part 1 of the process Jesus gave us to be able to connect to God.

The focus of this is verses 14-18a

In verse 18 which will be the focus is that Jesus gives us the first step of the process of connecting to God and that is by placing all of our faith in His truth. So before we can connect to God we have to embrace the Truth which only comes from Him. No matter how much anyone else claims a so called truth only Jesus has the real truth. This first step in this process is the most important part because without this we can't connect with God.

Challenge here is to ask God to reveal to you any beliefs, idealisms or so called truths that we attach ourselves to that are not in alignment with His Truth. Only God has the Truth. There is no other Truth. Jesus makes that abundantly clear here.