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Investment Noise: Leads to Traps and Pitfalls for Investors
Episode 214th May 2020 • The Empowered Investor • Keith Matthews
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Long-term investment success is based on two crucial elements: following winning principles and conquering the obstacles along the way. Today we’re taking a look at the latter.

Although the details of investment success look different for every investor, we’re all aiming for the same goal - financial security. Along the journey, there’s one big obstacle that can trip up even an experienced investor. That obstacle is noise.

Noise comes from sources we’re exposed to every day and which are often packaged as helpful information. We want to empower you to not only understand the different types but to also learn how to spot and protect yourself from them.

On this episode, Keith and Marcelo discuss the way obstacles block the path to investment success, why knowing good investing principles isn’t enough, the four main sources of noise that you’ll encounter, how you can block out the noise, and more!

Be sure to join us for the next episode where we’ll be starting a series on the Deadly Sins of Investing. Thank you for listening!

Key Topics:

·      How obstacles come up in your daily activities (1:29)

·      Why simply following a guide is often easier said than done (3:38)

·      The main obstacle to achieving financial security (4:48)

·      The four types of noise affecting your investment goals (5:24)

·      How general media might lead you to make bad investment decisions (6:16)

·      What is a wholesaler in the context of investing? (8:31)

·      Why expert predictions are inherently problematic (9:24)

·      How friends and family can become particularly difficult sources of noise (11:27)

·      The core reason there’s so much noise around us (15:20)

·      The slippery slope of tuning in to the noise (19:04)

·      Why you need to stick to a long-term investing strategy (22:03)

·      What previous recessions show us about investing in equities (23:44)

·      How you can tune out the noise (27:05)

·      Our challenge for you to try when you’re consuming media (28:13)

·      The combination you need to increase the odds of your long-term investing success (28:40)

·      And much more!

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