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Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller Reviewed
Episode 10911th May 2023 • Podcast Review Show – Get Your Podcast Reviewed • Dave Jackson & Erik K. Johnson
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Dr. Brad Miller is writing a book and wanted to start building and audience so he launched the show Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller. His current description in Apple Podcasts is:

Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller is all about the belief that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. And that you must implement a planned pathway with the proper people to quickly overcome adversity and depression to achieve that promised life. Dr. Brad Miller teaches practical strategies to defeat depression and live a life of joy as well as interviews successful people who have overcome great adversity to arrive at a place of peace, prosperity and purpose.

His website is

What We Liked About It

The intro had a nice vibe with the music. You introduced the guest before the intro clip so people had the context of who he was.

You had a nice transition into the interview.

The website has a nice clean look.

The audio sounded good.

You did a good job of promoting future episodes.

What We Thought Needed Tweaked

You introduced the guest multiple times. Once is all we need.

Your guest somewhat ran away with the interview. Instead of making it a three-part interview, identify the key turning point, and get to that content as quickly as possible. Leave the rest on the editing room floor.

While the guest fit one of your "D's" (Depression), the stakes weren't very high in a way that made me wonder, "What is going to happen next."

Have a lead magnet for your newsletter. Give them a reason to sign up.

The audio had some "interesting timing," which you later explained was caused by a cold.

Mentioned in this episode:

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