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Becoming the Author of Your Own Life (Feat. Suzanne Corso)
18th April 2022 • Motivational Mondays: Conversations with Leaders • National Society of Leadership and Success
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Suzanne Corso became the author of her own life when she wrote her way out of an impossible situation. Growing up in mafia-run Brooklyn, Suzanne quickly became entangled in relationships with dangerous men who, at the time, had an alluring edge to them. 

That allure faded quickly and Suzanne found herself entrenched in a harmful and seemingly inescapable lifestyle that ended when her significant other went to prison for 25 years. At that moment, after receiving a typewriter from her grandmother, Suzanne decided it was time to write her own story and change her future.

After drafting her first book and meticulously changing names and dates, Suzanne overcame another obstacle: rejection. Persistence eventually paid off and after 35 rejections from agents, Suzanne landed a six-figure book deal with Simon & Schuster for her first book. 

In this week’s episode, Suzanne shares how she wrote her way out of a dangerous existence, experienced the life of a one-percenter, and overcame obstacles to share her story with the world. 



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Listen to the bonus episode to learn the importance of writing what you know and how taking a step back can help you react to situations. {}

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