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You have more power than you think
Episode 5820th April 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Season three has been all about exploring "Who is She?" meaning you! We have poured time into conversations discussing self discovery, we have been intentional with the activities and layout of our planner all leading you closer to yourself. This episode fits snug with this theme. We spent some time behind the mics with Teen Mental Health Coach Missy Allred.

Missy spends time one on one with teens who are struggling with anxiety and depression. She works with parents to help define goals, and change the way we "think and feel" about our life circumstances, as a parent and a teen. These are crucial years of self discovery, identity, and these years have a major impact of the rest of our lives. Dipping into "Who is she" as a teenager is crucial and game changing.

Missy shares her experience with anxiety and depression as a teen, what helped save her life, and how she is working to give back to the community in need. She shares "The Model" as described by Jody Moore: Circumstance - Thought - Feeling - Action - Result. She walks us through examples of how this impacts us when we aren't aware of it, and how we can change the results we are getting by bringing awareness to our inner thoughts and patterns.

We talk about brain development, and how parents can use this understanding to create better connections with their children, and use compassion to help teach them better decision making skills. If you are a parent, you'll love this episode, as we go into the dynamics at play between parents and teens.

We discuss the impact of social media on teens mental health, healing generational trauma, and how to help our children and each other navigate a life that will inevitably have pain.

To connect with Missy give her a follow on the 'gram. If you are interested in the Women's Networking group we are a part of, check out Elevate.

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