144 | Positive Parenting with Debbie Godfrey
Episode 14413th December 2021 • The Military Veteran Dad Podcast • Ben Killoy
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Ever had those moments where the kid's emotions are at a 10?

Let's face it, if you are a parent and that has not been your case I would tell you to write a book as you have the holy grail of parenting. 

Today on the podcast I am talking with Debbie Godfrey who started a blog called PositiveParenting.com in 1994 and 30 years later she is the leading voice on Positive Parenting techniques. Her kids have grown up and had kids of their own and watching the seasons of parenting change has been a real blessing for her. 

If you have ever wondered what life is like in my home and what parenting challenges I face on a daily basis, wait no more. I open up with some of the big questions that I am facing and the challenges I am learning to walk through. 

Topics Covered:

  • What was it like starting in '90s on this topic
  • Acknowledging the season of parenting you are in
  • Positive Parenting and Emotions
  • Helping kids get through a strong emotion
  • Learning emotions are a temporary state, this to will pass
  • How to help bring closure to kids for something hard to process
  • Finding the emotion behind behavior that is unrelated
  • Working through power struggles between siblings

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