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Ep. 014: From Coalface to Creation, Why Bottom-Up Innovation Matters - Ed Ebbern
Episode 1428th March 2023 • Warfighter Podcast • Warfighter Digital
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We know we talk a lot about innovation on this podcast, but this week we look into an interesting initiative to stimulate and grow ideas across all arms of the UK Armed Forces.

The military relies on harnessing the latest technology in order to gain an advantage of it’s adversaries, however this is often hard won. The pace of technological change is only increasing all the while.

These factors were part of the motivation behind the setting up of the UK Battlelab, and we are grateful for Ed Ebbern joining to tell us more about how it works, and some of the behind the scenes challenges and opportunities.

Ed talks about the concept of ‘bottom up’ innovation, where those at the coal face (irrespective of rank) are often best placed not only to understand the problem but also to develop and implement novel solutions.

The UK Battlelab is still in its infancy, however represents an incredible opportunity for inter-service and international collaboration with partners across defence, industry and academia.

As ever we are joined by our intrepid journalist Andy Fawkes from MST, covering some of the latest stories internationally - from latest DOD investments in training and simulation, to under-the-hood developments from NVIDEA and Epic for game engines and graphics rendering. Of course we couldn’t go another week without mentioning AI!

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