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From Exploitation to Empowerment: Fighting Back Against Human Trafficking
Episode 593rd January 2024 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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This month, the Department of the Interior joins with other federal agencies, community partners, advocates, and individuals to raise awareness about human trafficking, recognizing that every one of us can play an essential role in the fight against this devastating crime.

In today's episode of The Protectors Podcast, we have the privilege of being joined by a distinguished expert in the field, Shauna Brennan. With years of experience working on the front lines, Shauna brings a wealth of knowledge and a passionate commitment to combatting human trafficking. Together, we'll unravel the complexities of this heinous crime, examine its impact on individuals and societies, and explore the collective efforts needed to bring about lasting change.

Links mentioned during the show:

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888

Salvation Army Seeds Of Hope:

Las Vegas Metropolitan P.D. Task Force: Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force

Regeneration Enterprises, Inc.:

D.H.S. Blue Campaign:



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