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140. The Pyramid of Excellence: Aligned and Legacy Stages
Episode 14024th July 2023 • Schools Of Excellence Podcast • Chanie Wilschanski
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Take a moment to remember why you became a school leader.

If you’re anything like me and the leaders in my programs, you’re interested in leaving a legacy in your community.

You want to positively impact the next generation of children and the community you serve.

To leave a lasting legacy, you have to play the long game. 

The concept of legacy is one we’ll be exploring during this final episode of our five-part series of the Pyramid of Excellence. 

This week, we’re at the top of the Pyramid of Excellence: Aligned and Legacy Stages.

In the Aligned Stage, you’re introducing new initiatives and levels of programming to carry your center forward, while the Legacy Stage is all about your long-term vision and creating sustainability beyond your own tenure.

It’s time to go beyond the leadership development of the previous Integrated Stage and identify the people I call “lifers.” These are the “ride-or-die” individuals who will link with you to ensure the ongoing, long-term success of your center.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • Developing a succession plan for your center with those most equipped to carry the torch
  • Evaluating and refining the long-term sustainability of your center
  • What it looks like to work in the Aligned vs. the Legacy stage
  • Managing your stress, attitude, and capacity for discomfort
  • The emotional journey of stepping into a new, legacy role

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More about the show:

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