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Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry: The Rise of Technology Specialists [RR 909]
Episode 90912th December 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Carm Capriotto and Matt Fanslow dive into the increasing role of technology in the automotive industry and how it's revolutionizing the way we approach vehicle repairs and maintenance. They propose the term "Technology Specialist" for automotive technicians, emphasizing the importance of their expertise. This designation not only acknowledges their expertise in handling advanced vehicle technology but also elevates their professional standing. Changing the language and perception of technicians as professionals is crucial for the industry's growth and success. Will you take part in this language movement?

Show Notes

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  • The passionate discussion with Isaac Rodell and Rich Falco (00:00:17) Carm and Matt discuss the episode with Isaac Rodell and Rich Falco- Batteries, Diag Pay and Gwar, Oh My! [E108]:

  • The transformational episode with Bob Heipp (00:00:58) They talk about the episode with Bob, which was transformational and discussed physical and mental health, and how it can save lives. Exploring Relationships, Health, and Personal Growth with Bob Heipp [E109]:

  • The proposal for a professional designation (00:07:23) Carm proposes the term "technology specialist" for automotive technicians, emphasizing the importance of investing in knowledge and skills in technology.

  • The need for professional designations (00:08:47) Discussion on the different job positions in the automotive industry and the proposal for a professional designation for technology specialists.

  • Respect and titles in the industry (00:10:22) Comparing the use of titles like "chef" in the culinary industry to the need for respectful titles in the automotive industry, such as "mechanical specialist" and "technology specialist."

  • Collaboration between technology and mechanical specialists (00:18:24) Exploration of the collaboration between technology and mechanical specialists, using the analogy of medical professionals working together in surgery.

  • The need for professional designation (00:25:15) Comparing the automotive industry to regulated professions like doctors and plumbers, and the need for a professional designation in the industry.

  • The importance of journaling and documentation (00:30:06) Discussing the benefits of journaling and documenting experiences and knowledge in the automotive industry, using tools like Google Docs.

  • The role of mobile tech in shops (00:33:46) Exploring the benefits of having a mobile technician for shops that work on multiple car lines and may not have the car count to justify a dedicated technology specialist.

  • Pay plans and hiring bonuses (00:35:43) Discussion on the fairness and impact of hiring bonuses on current technicians, and the need for better communication and compensation plans in the industry.

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