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FFP Member Stories: Long-Term Lifestyle Changes Helped Chad Improve More Than Just His Health!
Episode 2720th September 2021 • Fit Father Project Podcast • Fit Father Project
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Today’s episode introduces you guys to another one of our successful members, Chad Beres. Chad is a 46-year-old father of 2, who works as a law enforcement officer, and joined the Fit Father Project on 2nd January 2021.

Due to short staff, Chad was working double shifts at work. This meant he had very limited time in his day, so he stopped working out, started drinking at home, and generally let go of looking after himself as much as he had before. As you can imagine, this led to weight gain.

Gaining weight and feeling sluggish then had a knock-on effect on Chad’s confidence at work, and combined with personal problems, pushed his self-esteem down even lower. 

Staring the FFP journey was Chad’s way of dealing with one thing that he was in absolute control of. He was able to put energy and focus into improving his health and fitness. In his first 30-days, Chad lost 15lbs and improved his strength, lifting weights like he did in high school.

I know that many of you reading this, and getting ready to listen to this episode, will relate to what Chad was going through when he joined the FFP. The difference it has made for Chad could be the same difference it makes for you. Come and join us today...

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