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S2E3 - Prisoners Pardon - Minister Jackson with the Con is a She - Episode
Episode 312th September 2022 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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Have you ever wondered how a female could end up living a

life of crime?


Today’s guest, Minister Naomi Jackson walks us through her

life before she became a minister. She details how she unnoticeably slipped

into a life of crime and ended up crying out for help. Each circumstance she

recounts make you think, this could have been me. Listen in and you will no

longer wonder how women can end up behind bars.


Some funny and serious stories you will hear:

  •        How she came to be in a Chicago gang
  •        What low self-esteem led her to do
  •        How she was able to hide drugs while sitting inside the back
  • of a police paddy wagon
  •        Why the women inmates now respect her leadership

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