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Little Z's Sleep Podcast - Becca Campbell EPISODE 134, 22nd April 2021
Newborn Breastfeeding with IBCLC, Morgan Jackson
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Newborn Breastfeeding with IBCLC, Morgan Jackson

It's all about the nursing newborn mamas today! We're welcoming my friend Morgan Jackson (IBCLC) of Prepared Beginnings Lactation onto the podcast!

Actually, this was a saved IGTV that Morgan and I hosted on my Instagram! We talked all about her experience breastfeeding her first son, and now her SECOND son!

We all know kid #1 is not the same as #2...3...4...! Morgan shares the real and raw of what's going on right now with her son, PLUS we are answering your newborn breastfeeding questions!

Did you know Morgan's entire Breastfeeding Basics Class is WITHIN my Newborn Sleep Course?! Buy the course now!

--Plus, check out my FREE Newborn routines guide here!

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