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Which Wedding Venue Space is Right For You: All-Inclusive Venues vs. Unique Venue Spaces - With JoAnn Provanzano of What Dreams are Made of
Episode 1824th June 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Are you having a hard-time deciding on a venue space for your wedding? Today we’re talking about the difference between all-inclusive venues and ones that aren’t to help you decide.

to be honest, this is a HUGE topic that really requires more than one episode, so we’ll be diving deeper at a later date, but for the sake of time today, we’re going to go over the big questions and details you need to think about when deciding on your venue space.

For the most part, venue spaces can be broken down into two distinct categories: there’s venues that are all-inclusive and ones that are not.

All-inclusive venue spaces are the more “traditional” venues which include amenities that can range from anything from food options, reception room options, perhaps cake or floral options, maybe even transportation. They’ll have a wedding coordinator on premise assigned to you and basically give you packages to choose from to create your special day.

Venues that are NOT all inclusive, often called unique venue spaces, may offer some of the amenities I just mentioned, but really, it’s just a space or a room that you’re renting and you need to provide the rest. So, these spaces could include art galleries, barns, museums, or any other quote “non-traditional spaces included your backyard.

There’s a lot to think about with each one, and to help explain what you need to think about when looking at each type of venue is JoAnn Provanzano of What Dreams are Made Of, a Hudson-Valley based wedding planner who’s been planning weddings for over 20 years who’s dedicated to making the wedding you always dreamed of come alive.

We discuss:

  • Misconceptions couples have about each type of venue space
  • Amenities included in all-inclusive venues that aren't included in unique venue spaces
  • Insurances, licenses and other things you need to be aware of if you are having a wedding at home
  • so much more

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