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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 8, 8th April 2021
008 with Jason K. Johnson of Project K-9 Hero - Find Your Passion at All Costs
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008 with Jason K. Johnson of Project K-9 Hero - Find Your Passion at All Costs

In today's episode, we will have a meaningful conversation with Jason K. Johnson, the founder, and CEO of Project K-9 Hero, about finding your passion at all costs, protecting our working service hero dogs, and much more. 

Episode Highlights:

  • 01:40- How does Project K-9 Hero start in 2016
  • 04:21- K-9 Flash Becomes a Hero book inspired Jason to start the organization 
  • 05:32- The K-9 Hero Act helps federal funding from the government for retired working dogs. 
  • 06:25- Several ways to donate to the retired working dogs
  • 08:30- How did Jason found his passion for working dogs 
  • 12:12- Searching revenue stream  to make the mission work 
  • 17:00- Jason's short term horizon three years from today for the project 

3 Key Points:

  1. To be successful, take the risk, bet on your skills, and do it. Once you find your passion, tell people about it.
  2. Stay on top of your mission, be responsive, get a hold in every direction, focus on the most important things, and get those things accomplished. 
  3. Put intention into your passion and purpose.


  • “The secret to success is to take the risk. You don't get those jobs when you give up, so take risks, bet on yourself, and say you can do it. “-Jason K. Johnson 
  • “The only way to be successful is not to sit in the corner, get out and find new audiences to let them know who we are in Project K-9. ‘- Jason K. Johnson
  • “K-9 heroes spent their careers protecting us, and now it is time to spend the rest of ours protecting them.”- Jason K. Johnson