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What I’ve invested in to Grow my business (and what have been money leaks in hindsight)
Episode 53324th March 2023 • Financial and Lifestyle Freedom for UK Business Owners • Annette Ferguson
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Today's podcast is from a Facebook live where Annette Ferguson discusses her experiences with investments and money leaks in her business journey. She shares the good and bad choices she's made and offers valuable advice to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

  1. Money leaks in business investments:
  2. a. Investing in complicated CRM systems that are not suitable for the stage of the business
  3. b. Spending money on branding too early in the business journey
  4. c. Investing in multiple programs and courses at the same time without proper implementation
  5. d. Being a member of multiple memberships simultaneously
  6. e. Investing in a program to learn about its backend operation instead of directly consulting the program creator
  7. Good investments in business growth:
  8. a. Building a reliable team and setting them up for success
  9. b. Automation tools like Zapier to save time and energy
  10. c. Internal communication tools like Slack for efficient team communication
  11. d. Investing time and effort into business growth, sales, and marketing

By understanding her past experiences, Annette hopes that others can avoid some of the money leaks she encountered and make better decisions when it comes to investing in their businesses.


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