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Episode 175th August 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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A special podcast about the overturning in the US of Roe v Wade and its global implications.


A joint venture with the International IVF Initiative (I3) and Doctors for Fertility- a group of reproductive endocrinology and infertility doctors with a mission to educate and inform policy on reproductive rights and to advocate and take political action for continued access to fertility treatment and preservation.



Almost half a century ago, the Roe v. Wade ruling was the basis for establishing a constitutional right to abortion. The recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization demonstrates the increasingly conservative direction of the court in the US and prompts questions about the implications for civil rights, embryo rights, and health policy.


What does this mean for IVF?

It has raised fears that it could have "far-reaching ramifications" on people looking to get pregnant and the clinics providing services to help them.

Will embryos created, frozen, used in fertility treatment, PGT, or discarded have rights?

Will "trigger laws"  go into effect that recognizes an embryo as a person?



This closed zoom meeting with open dialogue involving a select panel of experts will offer content to help all that are impacted by this ruling.


With examples of restrictive policies in the past and a call for action for all stakeholders, this podcast should support

everyone that needs help and will offer advice to organize individuals and communities to fight restrictive IVF legislation in vulnerable States.



Serena H Chen MD

Giles Palmer

David Sable MD

Davina (Rudnick) Fankhauser

Dr. Vivienne Hall  

Salu Ribeiro

Lucky Sekhon MD

Lowell Ku MD

Colleen Quinn

Stephanie Gustin MD 

Declan Keane  

Jacques Cohen PhD

Lea Wilcox

Cynthia Hudson

Thomas Elliott

Mary Ann Szvetecz

Brad Zavy


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