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Artist life: being an outsider and failing a lot /59
Episode 591st May 2023 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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See Michele's stunning exhibition Shared Wavelengths online at Fenton&Fenton Gallery.


Michele is hot off the official opening event of her solo exhibition and she has THOUGHTS to share. OriginArt members and other artist friends came out to support and celebrate at the opening, and being amongst ‘our tribe’ highlighted (again) how our way of seeing the world and how we spend our time can seem pretty weird to ‘normal’ people.

Michele and Bec dig into the practical realities of being an outsider when it comes to the work and path we’ve chosen to pursue, and what it takes in this primarily solo effort to persist and thrive. One of the big challenges is overturning what we may have learned about failure as something to be avoided. Michele explains how she views failure as not only unavoidable, but an absolutely critical part of a successful creative process. And she dishes on all the ‘sucky’ art she made along the way (which is still documented on her phone!).


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