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Greg Bond | From Prospect to Partner
Episode 2019th April 2023 • Customer Café by Collabria • Collabria
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In this episode, we sit down with Greg Bond, Vice President of Channel Sales at Constant Contact, a leading email marketing and communication platform. Greg shares his expertise on how the sales process works for a product like Constant Contact. He emphasizes the importance of cross-team collaboration in ensuring smooth communication and deal success. Greg discusses how collaboration among various teams, including sales engineers, legal and finance, partner onboarding, and business development representatives, is vital to review deals and ensuring all aspects are considered. He highlights the significance of clarity in uncertain times and how proper communication is crucial in navigating sales processes effectively.

Throughout the episode, Greg shares valuable insights and practical tips based on his extensive experience in sales and business development.

He also shares his personal strategies for continuous professional growth and improvement.


This episode was brought to you by Collabria, the first solution for account teams to collaborate on inbound emails without leaving their inbox. Check it out!

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